CLIMATE CHANGE continues to threaten human lives especially in developing countries like ours where people are poor and neglected. We are not prepared for this insidious threat, almost clueless yet struggling to survive in a capitalist society that favors only the rich and powerful. The pandemic, which is caused by the destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity, is closely intertwined with the worsening climate emergency.

The biggest polluters, which are essentially the biggest corporations, have their claws on poor countries like the Philippines, and plunder the rich natural resources and exploit the cheap labor force. Amid one of the worst pandemic the world has ever known, extractive industries like mining and so-called development projects like dolomite dumping for the beautification of Manila Bay, Aerotropolis of San Miguel Corporation, and the Kaliwa-Kanan-Laiban Dam remain as top priority of the government. All these will lead to further destruction of the environment, loss of biodiversity and displacement of marginalized communities — farmers, fisherfolk and indigenous people — from their homes and livelihood. In a time when we need to strengthen our resilience to the effects of climate change, pandemics and other disasters, governments have raised their hands in surrender to the demands of corporate greed and satisfy their own self-serving interests to remain in power.

Today, we join hands with the climate activists, environmental defenders and the marginalized to assert climate justice. We raise our fists to demand accountability from the biggest polluters and their cohorts so we can pass on a prosperous, equitable, sustainable and climate change resilient world to future generations.

We stand in solidarity with the youth climate activists!

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